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doubletruck [userpic]
Newspaper Poll
by doubletruck (doubletruck)
at February 13th, 2006 (10:44 am)
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Okay, I have a free account so I can't make an actual poll, but I'd like to get all of your opinions on this important matter.



Please respond in the comments with which one your newspaper uses, and why



Posted by: Stephen (yearginsm)
Posted at: March 12th, 2006 08:44 am (UTC)

The Associated Press Stylebook says "adviser," and goes as so far as to say it is not "advisor." There are a few other words that end in -or where the -er ending is preferred.

Speaking of stylebooks, check out this ... http://pacer.utm.edu/stylebook/ ... The wiki concept might help out editors (that actually ends in -or by the way) that are trying to get some consistency to their style.

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